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Ask about sewer line locating in Dassel, Hutchinson, Cokato, Saint Cloud, Litchfield, MN and surrounding areas

If you have a sewer line issue, repair work can be difficult without the right technology. Fortunately, the pros at Clean Drain, LLC have that technology. We provide underground sewer line locating for residential and commercial clients in the Dassel, Hutchinson, Cokato, Saint Cloud and Litchfield, MN areas.

We'll navigate your pipes and find your sewer line by using a fiber optic snake camera. Call 701-595-3497 or 320-224-5315 right now to get a free sewer line locating estimate.

Do you need underground sewer line locating services in the Dassel, Hutchinson, Cokato, Saint Cloud or Litchfield, MN area? If so, turn to the experts at Clean Drain. When you hire us for the job, we'll use a transmitter to send a signal and locate the line. We'll even show you a live feed of our journey through your sewer line.

Don't wait another day to get the sewer line locating services you need-contact us right now to set up an appointment.

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